2014 - New Member Offer

[ Offer is available now until May 31st 2014. ]

Come and join the action, see what you are missing out on!

1 years Full membership at a very attractive price = £349.  April 2014-March 2015 (12months).





or you can download an application form by clicking this link



Please check with pro-shop on:  01592 203258


Office on 01592 205240   



First In Fife



Have you heard about the excellent value offered by Fife Golfpass?   Three rounds of golf for only £63 or five rounds for £99.   This is an Internet Only scheme,  so for full details of participating clubs and partner hotels please visit the website at www.firstinfifegolf.com

Social Media - Get Connected

Social Media - get connected.


There are loads of ways to get your information from Kirkcaldy Golf Club.  There is a poster on the main noticeboard upstairs -  you can see it here.  The piece basically covers the various options that members can use to select how they get updated on the Clubs news.  


facebook -  Find us on Facebook  and Twitter.


While facebook is recommended (and there are already over 200 "fans" following the page!) ,  because it enables you to interact with articles and have your say (even join in discussions) there are obviously going to be some members who are not happy with joining up (some parents, I know, are not happy about their children joining facebook).  That needn't mean that they can't get up-to-the-minute updates - that's where Twitter comes in.


We are now at the stage where,  if Mike Ewan has to close the course for example, he can instantly communicate this with the facebook page,  and this is automatically sent through to twitter - so anyone following the Club (@KirkcaldyGolf) will get a text - thus saving them from fagging all the way down to find out it's closed.  We'll also be able to broadcast real-time scores on days like Championship finals, so all members can be right up to date.


It's really easy to follow us  - full instructions on the link